Custom Soaps
I have made several customized soaps for customers per special resquests so please don't be shy about asking for something you would like to see in a soap! I love to "Kreate" and would be happy to make something new and exciting for you that I don't have or haven't made in a while. Please contact me at

I can do wedding favors for showers at a bulk rate. Soaps can be embedded soaps or special soaps. (Suggested wedding party soaps would be a sliced soap or a half bar - could be designed by you for your colors and fragrance picked out by you, or sugar scrubs with color and fragrance picked out by you and all will come in wedding dress box) Embedded soaps or more can be made within a reasonable working time frame.

Birthday Parties
I can make party favor soaps within a given time frame. You pick the soaps. Soap making parties are available for booking at least three weeks ahead of time. Pricing varies depending on the number of guests. I will do a demo then let guests make their own soap to take home.

I am able to embed a copy of business cards onto dissolving cellulose (plant fiber) paper and add colored layers to the soap that will match your business card or logo and let you choose your fragrance.